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Youth Hockey
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Re: Know your child’s limits

Great post. I wish people could realize what you are talking about. I have seen it through the years. Good kids on good teams and Dad or Mom has to have them play”up” and they lose their friends and end up on losing teams. Then they hate the sport.
Except, kids progress at different rates. Yes, too many parents leave a good situation too soon. But, sometimes parents and kids get too comfortable when there's more upside that moving up a rung will help to discover.

Every kid is different. What's right for one kid isn't for another. Even within the same family, sometimes.

Re: Know your child’s limits

There are some serious miscalculations being made by both hockey and non hockey parents.. and some bad ethics by managers and owners. Good situations are hard to come by in youth hockey. If you happen to be in one be patient, develope and most important have fun.. hockey when played proper is fun.