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Re: Sparx sharpener

The Sparx is very consistent and convenient. No cross grind wheel is no big deal, because at $50 for the wheel versus the limited occasions you would use it, it wasn't worth it anyways. For those times, just pay the $7 to have them done at a customary skate sharpening shop. But, my kids are a Pee Wee and U14 playing club hockey and this has not be necessary.
We have used them both and ProSharp is much better.

Re: Sparx sharpener

After further research we decided to order the Prosharp. It can handle all the nicks and sharpen more times per stone.

Re: Sparx sharpener

How much was it and which model did you order?

Re: Sparx sharpener

Re: Sparx sharpener

My son plays town C minor and this has been a great investment for us. He refuses to get dressed at the rink and dosent use skate guards so the walk from and to the parking lot do a job on his edges.