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Re: Tryout time coming soon - let's talk bubble player

The bubble player ;

Basically you are not good enough to play and if anyone better shows up at Evals then you won’t. However. If they need your check to fill out a roster due to lack of other available talent then you are good enough.

What people fail to recognize is that almost every kid is a bubble player and parents are just thankful better kids don’t show up at their Evals.

Re: Tryout time coming soon - let's talk bubble player

If your coach tells you and your son to "remain cautiously optimistic" about playing next season, it means your son is on the bubble. It also means the coach is a douchebag and a cowand.
Or the coach is trying to send you a hint to go to other tryouts so you are not ashamed and berating him and the organization when Bender gets cut.