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Youth Hockey
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Re: Parents can and do ruin it for their kids

I was just told of a situation of a tier 1 07 goalie getting the boot from his program mid season due to his fathers behavior. Hopefully people realize that a grown mans actions can most definitely impact kids negatively. Please keep a level head, remember they are only kids. What does one tell their kid the reasons for being kicked off a team. I don\'t know the details so I won\'t speculate. But one persons actions are now negatively affecting 15 kids. What a shame.
Happens at all levels. Problem is the parent is delusional about their kids ability. Sad reality of youth hockey.
Coaches often do this with their own child. Over heard our assistants talking and they were saying that they felt bac for the head coaches kid bc pops was trying to put him on the ice all the time. Best thing to do as a parent or coach is to ask yourself would your kid make another elite team. If the question is now then relax and let him figure it out on his own.