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Re: 07 teams

I wouldn't go by the my hockey rankings, but Railers over NorthStars all day.

Re: 07 teams

Flames are the best in the area, followed by the Railers. It isn't even close.

Re: 07 teams

Hi, just to clarify my early comments. I was basing my opinion on which teams would win if the teams played a game this year. I don't have any insight into how each of the teams develop their players and which is a better environment. I have had friends play and coach with the Northstars and it was a great experience. If I were you, I would reach out to the coaches as everyone is looking for kids right now and you can probably get a sense for fit with a short conversation.

Re: 07 teams

Northstars lost to the Railers 6-0 this year and then went 0-4 in JWK losing all their games to BHL teams.

Re: 07 teams

assabet lost 3 top kids and just beat the 4th place fed team. kids seem to be developing over there. seems like this year kids will be jumping ship from the flames to go there. flames lost to the same team twice this year. its all about coaching...

Re: 07 teams

At the Kennedy Tournament I saw some of the Railers vs. Xtreme game. If your son is a defensemen and if fast I would look into the Railers. Seemed like that was their weakness. Forwards looked quick and the goalie played great. Maybe just a few more pieces and that team can hang in the E9. Just my two cents. Best of luck