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Re: As if hockey isn’t Elitist enough...

My son is 14, will be repeating 9th grade at Prep next year, playing hockey and in the IT program which incorporates Computer Science with Engineering and Robotics. We will be paying close to 14K per year for 4 years, 56K total for a jump start that is invaluable to adulthood. The other option was to stay in public school for 3 more years and pay another 11K per year for travel hockey. The investment seems worth it, no?

What are the stats on after college careers? Engineering/Computer Science vs the obligatory Business Degree? Keep it in perspective people.
I wouldn't assume the prep school will provide everything he needs hockey-wise to continue developing. But the math still works when you factor in the value of education in the big picture of life.

Re: As if hockey isn’t Elitist enough...

With the rink open the day school starts, strength program assigned, 6 days a week on ice during the season, plus an assigned summer strength program I'd say it will be up to him if he develops or not.

Re: As if hockey isn’t Elitist enough...

A Non
Why is Prep taking over HS hockey?? Why are we pushing this trend and supporting another money making hockey business?? \\\\\$30-50,000 a year for undergrad? Since when did this become the path for hockey? And who benefits? It used to be a post grad year now it’s repeat 9th and go for 4 years?? Are the kids going farther with their hockey careers because of a prep school experience or are we the idiots using our retirement/ or their inheritance (whatever your situation may be) to give our kids something we’re told they need to advance? Just a rant but would love some feedback. All this “ HS hockey is dead “ crap makes me sad . I get it’s the trend but why? ...I’m gonna go cry over my coffee and liquidate my assets now 😖
Generally, yes the hockey is better. If you pick the right school, your kid will be well ahead of the game for his entire life. In short prep, well the right prep, is certainly an investment that will pay dividends if you can pull it off & your kid has the grades to get in and the drive to perform not just on the ice but in the classroom.

Bottom line is the preps are really good schools and if you take the hockey aside really prepare your kid to do well in college. Have you seen the facilities at these schools? Make it a point next time to drive through them and just soak it in. Oh there\'s the Astronomy observatory next to the hockey rink, next to the biosciences wing, across from the makerspace, down the hall from the theater and over to the Art building. Take the bus down to the marina where I\'m pretty sure the school(Tabor and St George\'s do) has a sailboat the kids can sail to the Carribean on spring break. Now go contrast that to whichever High School you like that was retrofitted from a 1956 Asbestos build out.

In addition, they do work to get your kids into the top schools(placement rates don\'t lie) more so than most public/Catholic high schools and the aid received is very generous. If Elitist=the best then I don\'t know why people have a problem with it. Why wouldn\'t you take advantage of any and all opportunities available?

People see the sticker price and say that it\'s not for me. Don\'t you get that\'s exactly the rouse?