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Youth Hockey
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Re: 07 Islanders

Yes, and the same Patriots team that just beat the Caps 5-2 at JWK. Caps are 4th place in the mighty EHF but got smacked down by the Patriots and would have lost to the Saints too if they had faced them.

Re: 07 Islanders

someone has some mad love for the 07 patriots team . drunk, stoned , stupid you make the call

Re: 07 Islanders

Peter Donatelli
They have some talented kids. League seems to get stronger every year which is good. Mid Fairfield very fast team and move the puck extremely well. Eagles are big and strong and play hard. It's a great league for the kids. Islanders are getting tested now and it's good for them as well.
These kids are 10 right?

Re: 07 Islanders

"Wait to the hitting starts"

Re: 07 Islanders

most of these kids will barely make high school teams. get a grip!