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Which 08’ teams are looking for kid?

Re: 08’s

I think its safe to say everyone will be looking to upgrade a player or two...

But the 2008 BJT at 1-28-1 may be looking for a little more help than 1 or 2 players. Just a hunch. Might be a decent place to start.

Re: 08’s

Every Team will be looking to round out the bottom of their roster. Reach out to the coach and see what he is looking for. Most coaches emails are posted on the team website.

Re: 08’s

I hear Islanders are middle of the pack and that is not the goal for that Org. so I am guessing they are looking for several kids and a few coaches and knowing them they are all lined up and they will be in the top 4 next year and higher the year after.

Re: 08’s

The Express seem eager to improve. Coach has had a few kids in for practices already.

They're currently a middle of the pack American league team but have some very good players to build around.

Re: 08’s

Top five (MFF, BJE, Ct Huskies, Flames) are pretty solid top to bottom but probably always looking for another good player coming up. SSK probably in the same boat. After that, every team will be looking for a handful of players to close to gap on that pack of 4-5 teams.

Re: 08’s

Heard eagles are looking for 3-4, flames 1-2, ssk 3-4