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Re: 08's E9 to Fed

From what is rumored, it seems like the best players in the 08 birth year from the E9 are all moving to the Fed with 2 teams benefiting, one north shore and one south shore...

Is this normal and did this occur at the 05, 06 and 07 birth years?

Yes it's normal.

Re: 08's E9 to Fed

Which teams are benefiting??? The Eagles and who else?

Re: 08's E9 to Fed

Look at the standings.... kids (actually parents) will move to islanders and whatever team south of city is highest in rankings...the move to "Q" teams is a year or so earlier than it used to be. The talent drain from e9 is huge in late squirt early PW. I happen to think it is nuts but you can't fight the facts.

Re: 08's E9 to Fed

Why are the eagles benefiting?

Re: 08's E9 to Fed

Why are the eagles benefiting?
Eagles don't rebuild at any level. They reload.