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Re: Horrible scene at NESC

Here we go. Hope mom is thick skinned. Can't say we didn't warn you.

Re: Horrible scene at NESC

It\\\'s an update but more of a PSA.

He was diagnosed with a concussion, out of school for two days, out of hockey for the week, follow-up at the Pediatrician today, still having headaches, probably won\\\'t be cleared for this week either. He was pretty bummed about watching his team play four games this weekend in NH from the bench. But he understands why.

I reached out to the league, the ref in charge and the MMF\\\'s and learned that the league and MMF\\\'s were not aware of the incident; it was never reported. Another parent had already emailed the RIF and neither one of us received a response. The director of MassConn, the EHF director and director of MMF\\\'s were very responsive once I submitted my report. I urge everyone; coaches, parents, etc to report unsafe situations. Don\\\'t assume it has already been reported. Situations such as this can be prevented in the future but only if the proper people are aware of the problem.

I want to thank everyone who documented what happened on this forum. And thank you for your concern.

While unfortunate, and while I hope your kid feels better, how is a stick to the head an \"unsafe situation\" that can be \"prevented in the future...if the proper people are aware of the problem?\" What bureaucratic or legislative solution are you proposing?

I know, lets send every parent to the rink with their cell phones and tape every game. Every time there\'s a dirty play, report it to the DCF and require a full investigation. Let\'s bog down the whole state child welfare process so we can look into a slashing call.

BTW, that \"very responsive\" response you got? It was their way of placating you while your name is added to the EHF black ball list as \"meddlesome parent - do not put son on team.\"
Mom: Please forgive "What?!?" guy for his crude response. He is also recovering from a concussion he got when he was a PW.
You're right, I've reconsidered. I am all in favor of a legislated response to violence in youth sports. That's why we pay taxes. Offending kids should be removed from the ice in irons, I mean handcuffs and stand trial.

Re: Horrible scene at NESC


Re: Horrible scene at NESC

I love it that Mom thinks if you ***** to the right people they will step in and put an end to stick-swinging. #pollyanna