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Re: East Coast Leafs

Assuming kids willing to drive to Raynham can go tryout for the Knights or they can stay where they are and play Valley league.

Re: East Coast Leafs

Lovell boys shot down by Gilly to have their Leafs play in BHL. Stuck in Valley league and create independent select teams. So, no league if you are on select team. Have fun with that. This org has 1 year in it before it folds

Re: East Coast Leafs

Run from this program. No league to play in. Old Outlaw guys will tell you differently only for you to have your kid playing Valley League B hockey. Not accepted into e9 or BHL.

Re: East Coast Leafs

If my kid's only choice to play select hockey are the Leafs or Outlaws, I'd rather he just play for his town and annually invest the $2,000 difference in a college fund.

Re: East Coast Leafs

This is town hockey from mites to midgets. Outlaws formed by a merger of the old Tri-Valley town teams. They is wanted their say their kids played select hockey so they became the Outlaws. Everything that is wrong with the watering down of Hockey. Still some legacy idiots there unfortunately. This move was foolish for Lovell. Should have just stayed with two or three programs