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Re: USA Hockey Changes - 2018/2019

A friend is active with USA Hockey. Not sure of exact role or title but votes on proposed changes. Says the following is taking place for next year:

- standardizing League’s placement and naming of levels Mites to Midgets to Tier 1, (AAA) Tier 2 AA or A) Tier 3 (B) Tier 4 (C)....each will only be allowed x number of Tier 1 teams based on per capita player numbers...all leagues and programs must adhere to this so no more elite, Premier, select. Fed Elite has to be renamed to Tier 1 AAA, current Tier 1 Fed has to become Tier 2 AA and A, and teams below them Tier 3 (B) Town teams will remain Tier 2 and call themselves AA or A depending on # of teams at given level and what league they are in.

- only Full Season teams qualify for Nationals, not 1/2 season. Big disruption to the good Fall Prep teams but validates USA hockey’s support of the money making machine hockey is

- icing rules for u14 and below stays

- any hit on numbers or head automatic Major

- only Full Season teams qualify for Nationals, not 1/2 season. - so that essentially ends any chances of Mass competing at Nationals. Every Mass team U14/U16/U18 that qualifies for Nationals are prep players that played 1/2 season.

Re: USA Hockey Changes - 2018/2019

So what about the Advantage u15 team that won Mass and is heading to Nationals? They are a full season team....