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Re: Bauer Store Closing

Does anyone know what date the Bauer Store is closing ?
What makes you think it\\\'s closing?
Google says
Thanks. Bet you it's just moving. Store has always been busy, but it's a crappy location (which is what the article is mentioning).
I hope so. Couldn't find anything about relocating?

Re: Bauer Store Closing

If you live near there be happy that a Total Wine is going in the spot....that place takes buying booze to a whole new level. makes Kappy's look like a mom and pop. Lord knows we could not get through all this youth hockey mess with out booze! plus you will save enough money to buy new skates somewhere else.

Re: Bauer Store Closing

Total Wine has the best prices. They were accused of selling below invoice which I think is illegal in MA but they won in court saying they just apply their volume rebates to the cost of goods sold.

Only problem is you will spend more than you planned. You go in for one thing and then see the prices and its like your a kid at toys r us.

Re: Bauer Store Closing

Looks like the D Board has a few guys ready for a 12 Step...

Re: Bauer Store Closing

That's the least of the problems with the people on the Dboard

Re: Bauer Store Closing

I had heard it was closing in Q1 of 2018, stay tuned.