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Youth Hockey
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Re: Warrior Players at Open Skate....

Problem with 05 Warriors is that McAdams won't step in and make coach cut kid's who do not deserve to be on team. That's fine, but better players will leave.

Re: Warrior Players at Open Skate....

Why was your kid at the open skate ? He is on the Tier 1 Bender’s that play in league with 0 competition!I got it you have him skate at your own free skate against bubble players and players on the cutting blocks so your bender can look better against lack luster competition .I hope that gives you the satisfaction you so desperately are searching for filling that void in your life due to Johnny’s inability to make an elite team due to his genetic inheritance of lack of athletic ability and drive ! Sure Johny is a great kid maybe he should join drama club instead of wasting his time in a WARRIOR sport . Johny obviously has Dads genetic make up .Son can follow in Dads foot steps .Drama Queen Elite and IHC 07 Elite wanna be never will BE!
I don't think that poster is the one with the issues...Your sound insane. Not to mention a grammatical idiot.