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Re: Q starts tomorrow

.....pretty sure Islanders made it to the finals last year so not sure why there is a post about how bad the "local" teams will get beat.....must be an E9/BHL jealous bender parent.
Didn't quite make it to finals, but they did well, yes.

There is nothing at this tournament that isn't at every other high-end tournament these teams travel to all winter. Matter of fact, the Toronto teams aren't there so one might argue the field is a little lighter than typical. I'm not sure the teams from Quebec, which typically do not show up for other tournaments, are as good as those from Toronto. So yes, there's a decent chance an EHF team will make the final 4 or 8.

Re: Q starts tomorrow

Look for Mid Fairfield to repeat

Re: Q starts tomorrow

I will give everyone my honest opinion when I get back. From competition, accommodations, things to do to the cost of staying seven plus days (hopefully). The D board is funny, instead of rally around the local kids to do well some D boarders want to put everything and everyone down. Haters are going to hate...

Re: Q starts tomorrow

other than some international teams, the Q looks like a superseries event.