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Re: In ten years

My son is an 05 birthyear players(middle of the road). So I have seen some wacky stuff. I wonder what the next ten years will bring.
One day at a time with long term goals at the end. Try to get through the next two years before wondering about 10. Did you know where you would be at 23 when you were 13 ?
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Re: In ten years

10 years from now I will be apologizing for your kid getting cut

Re: In ten years

In ten years 99% of '05 players will be in college or working and not playing organized hockey.

Re: In ten years

If you feel you have to ask this on the Dboard I am thinking you may be focusing a little too much on Hockey. just a thought..... you might want to point the ship towards education.

Re: In ten years

In 10 years the 2008 class will be entering the NHL and various DI inquisitions across the US, it will be an unreal time in hockey.