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Random Thoughts: Hockey and Valentines Day

The heart and soul of a hockey player, is a precious gift. And something to not only nurture from the time the littlest Mite steps onto the ice, but to nurture forever. There are so many problems facing millions of kids throughout our Nation today. So many dealing with so much. I don't know what all answers are, but I do know this. Hockey players are the good guys. Hockey players are the tough guys, with a heart. We're the sport that not only takes care of business, but takes care of each other, and everyone for that matter. Sure it's tough at times, but that's what makes it great. And that's why the legacy endures. Courage. Strength. Hope. Compassion. Kindness. Toughness. The heart and soul of a hockey player. Such a gift. And such a story. Abbreviated dissertation done. Have an awesome day everyone, and stay safe. Bonne St. Valentine's mon ami. Bonne St. Valentines. Valentine's Day 2018.

Re: Random Thoughts: Hockey and Valentines Day

Cap A, is, that, you?