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Re: The Providence Hockey Club

RI Hockey was already in trouble before this happened. Now its all under one name and the PHC can move players around to make their teams more competitive. They will lose and gain so numbers will stay the same. Tuition will go up for some teams as they already said it in a subtle way on their FAQ they posted on the websites. For those saying this helps the Saints are wrong. They are a Joke and they will have one team in the E9 next year (07) group and the rest BHL. For the prices people are going to pay and the competition level people are better of in Warwick or the Hitmen. The PHL and EJEPL arent FED Elite but are comparable options to Tier 1 and definitely better than EMHL at a fraction of the cost. Even SRI becomes a better choice for those southern kids because of the EJEPL. Either way the only thing changing is some uniforms and moree money for MS

Re: The Providence Hockey Club

Well said ^^^😉

Re: The Providence Hockey Club

fo sho!

what even worse for RI hockey is that all the parents moan and groan about this and about that but never do anything except keep paying out because to a rhode islander going to foxboro or bridgewater requires an overnight bag and there is the problem.

Now with one uber 'club' team that really is a cash grab and promises to be a larger dumpsstah fire than it currently is and a struggling saints & hitmen programs trying to stay afloat in the smallest state with smallest pool in NE, the RI kids who really can play would be better off over the border and making those SE mass teams better. Though agree if they are the ones with moms who look like bulldogs with cowbells and airhorns you can please stay in woonsocket or cranston

Re: The Providence Hockey Club

You my friend, do not have a clue. State league/Ejephl is one step past learn to skate.

Re: The Providence Hockey Club

Time for the Saints to set in.

Re: The Providence Hockey Club

You my friend, do not have a clue. State league/Ejephl is one step past learn to skate.
Thanks for your input that you dont know anything about. Unless your on the top "elite" Team. The rest is all the same. someone on here had the "rankings" another joke but if you want to use it. The only thing separating the next 5 divisions is what 4 points? wouldn't call that above learn to skate unless your saying the Black division is above mite house league. So dont let facts get in your way so you can pump your chest about playing in the silver division.

Re: The Providence Hockey Club

Sgt. Hulka and the Lovells are buddies. So from Boston to CT we got you covered!!!!