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Youth Hockey
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Re: Protect the kids

Serious topic -anyone know which teams require CORI forms? Lovell says they do for anyone who steps on the ice. Town seems pretty good about it too - EHF teams its not as standard. Lot of news about abusive coaches and plenty out there with anger management issues at minimum. CORIs aren't fool proof but seems like liability risk for the teams that don't require them.
EHF It is a standard.

6.5 Coaches Eligibility. All coaches must have demonstrated experience coaching hockey and must be certified through a nationally recognized certification process. All coaches must be CORI certified & properly registered with the League Office. Any compensation for coaching shall be capped at $5,000, per team/per person in money or moneys worth. Each program shall be fined for the amount of such compensation paid to such coach in money or moneys worth that is in excess of $5,000.