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Youth Hockey
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Re: Springfield Kings AAA????

Considering the Rifles already have their own Spring/Summer program, this is interesting.

This Springfield Kings looks like another spring hockey cash grab.

Re: Springfield Kings AAA????

If I was in that area I would play on the bulldogs over an unknown entity like the Kings. Or drive a little south and play for the North American Royals in Cromwell. $1700 bucks seems pretty steep for spring/summer team that has zero history, a complete unknown. Maybe if they cut it in half and made a name for themselves.

Re: Springfield Kings AAA????

Especially if you owned the Bulldogs and had a financial connection to the Royals.

Re: Springfield Kings AAA????

But who are they??? And where are they getting this awesome talent from. If they know where to find talented kids they should tell the Rifles and Huskies. They can't seem to find any of these awesome kids.
yeah, comments like this tells us your kid got cut or is NOT WANTED from the rifles or huskies. Don't worry daddy nothing wrong with house leagues.... or wait? maybe you are not wanted there either?? Yup, that sounds just about right!