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Re: hockey and lax?

Baseball (esp catcher) is good for goalies. And, my sieve likes the chatter and bubble gum too.
Sorry your kid is a squatter.
#LAX4Life..unless it is hockey season

Re: hockey and lax?

Lax sucks it's for kids that can't skate or play baseball! Sport needs boards around the field and there's really no future in it!

Re: hockey and lax?

Baseball is a game, not a sport.

Anyone who rags on lax never played. My bender duster plays both hockey and lax. Quit baseball because it was boring and easy. Don’t give me that hit the baseball thing. Yes that is the hardest part of the game but unless you’re talking at that college or pro level it’s not nearly as hard as people think.

Unless you want your kid being screamed at by a fat guy in tight pants, not getting exercise and chewing tobacco, then sure play baseball. If you want your kid learning real hand eye coordination, staying in shape and learning a team game that complements structural play, skill and ball movement around a field then play lax.

PS - the prep school that is recruiting my bender told him they are happy he also plays lax as he will play both. They don’t love the baseball thing.


Re: hockey and lax?

Baseball sucks!! It moves too slow . Soccer is for girls lax is where it\\\\\'s at!!
Baseball is for benders.
Funny, take an in depth look at this and see how many top end recruited high school and college kids play baseball. I think you would be surprised.

Not sure if it is as basic as the good athletes are going to be good in whatever sport they choose, or a correlation between some of the best hockey players I know are the best baseball players as well.
Sorry you kid plays baseball.
Sorry you have an IQ equal to that of the average house plant! IDIOT!!!

Re: hockey and lax?

Sorry your kid can’t run or skate!