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Re: Parity

Heard IHC is entering a north and south team this year. N S E W ....should cover all their bases

Re: Parity

Can someone answer the original question?

Re: Parity

Do the 06 tier 1 white IHC have any spot at making the black?
Zero. 06 East-White had to win the white division outright to even have a case to leap frog the current 06 black team, and that didn't happen. In addition, 06 Black East will dramatically improve its roster over last year.

Re: Parity

April 6th- 8th for Black Parity and April 27th – 29th for White Parity
• Parity for the Black Division is for an organizations top team only. No
organization can enter 2 teams in the Black Parity Round and in the event
that an organization is exempt from Black Parity they can’t put their 2nd team
into the Black Parity tournament.
• In the Black Division, first and second place finishers in the 2017-2018
regular season, as well as the playoff champion, are not required to
participate in the Black Parity Tournament and will be guaranteed a spot in
that group.
• The end result of the Black Division Parity will be a division of 10 teams
• Teams that finish tied for a final position in Black parity but lose out on the
goal differential in the tiebreaker will automatically receive a spot in the
white division and will not be required to participate in White Parity.
White Parity
• There will be no automatic bids for the white division based on previous
years standings or championship.
• The White Parity Tournament may have 2 teams from the same organization
entered as long as no team from their organization qualified for the Black
Division and both teams will be allowed to participate in the White division
for the 2017-18 seasons if they both qualify.
• The end result of the White Division Parity will be a division of 10 teams
• If an Organizations 2 teams fail to qualify for the Black Division and the
White Division, both teams will be placed in the Silver division.
• No more than two (2) teams per organization will be allowed within the
three Tier I groups. (In the event we need additional teams for the silver
division, elite organizations will be allowed to put a 3rd team into the Tier 1
silver division)