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Re: Tryouts

Its that time of year for rumors but Mass/Conn has not adressed any of them. Everyone in the Org knows about the Huskies situation but it hasn’t been addressed. They still have AD as the head coach for Tryouts. The tier 1 team their coach is leaving for a girls team. No replacement has been announced. There are rumors of Rifle players and CT Chief players coming over, thats been preselected, for a higher tier team.
If that is true and the organization hasn’t addressed the issue yet then Everyone thinking about coming there or currently on the team should run for the hills. You can’t play pin the tail on the donkey with the moms and expect to keep your job. The guy should do what’s best for his family, the team, & the organization and resign.

Re: Tryouts

08 Huskies coach is out. Do they need to have a press release about it?

Re: Tryouts

just make your choice and run for the hills... do what is best for little jimmy

Re: Tryouts

I love that whenever a legitimate concern arises the go to answer is “thier bender sucks”.