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Re: Railers AB BS

I was approached by AB after my son did not make Elite 08 MMF. We were there to gauge his play as team was already chosen. All I can say, absolutely appalling. if I wanted to play for you, I would have had my son tryout. To all those parents that bought into his Bs pitch, skills, skills, skills, E9, new facility, superstar goalie and a whole bunch of EHF T1B kids, you have been had and shame on you. Better due some fact checking. He has been trolling rinks bc he had no talent at his own tryout and is scrambling. He is a pitiful excuse of a coach.
I don't get the issue. The guy wasn't trying to steal the Flames' best players. He was giving a kid who wasn't good enough to make the team another alternative. Your bender should be grateful that a decent coach actually wanted him.

Re: Railers AB BS

No one gets an offer then posts about on DBoard it being a bad thing.
I smell Troll and made up click bait...sorry your kid got cut.

Re: Railers AB BS

If I read this correctly, the poster is saying AB is trolling rinks to fill spots on his team because he did not have community interest during regular tryouts and is referring to the rational behind his actions. What does that say about the coach, he was desperate. It’s pretty simple. I have seen it before with my HS son. If a coach comes to a outside league tryout with contracts and is willing to hand them out, without knowing anything about the player other than he/she can skate, there IS something appalling surrounding the act. The coach thinks he can provide what skills the kid is missing, when really he just needs the body. I too would be upset as a AB parent knowing “elite cuts” were being brought over at the drop of a dime, just to fill a spot. Elite teams are hand picked before tryouts, sounds like he poster knew this and was gushing his child’s progression. Don’t slam him for that. Parents pay a lot of $$ for for club and with that comes an expectation that the proper recruitment of quality kids and parental figures will come with it. There is nothing worse than a blind roster fill that ends up polluting the lockeroom and even worse whose parents think he is the next 99. But then again, the E9 is a joke, so not surprised AB needs the MMF elite cuts to fill roster spots he could not attract to his team based on name/ league play alone. Sorry your little guy got cut, but it sounds like you knew that was going to happen walking in. I believe PHL Elite tryouts are still ongoing if it’s the elite title you crave.