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Re: Black division vs American division

There is zero question that top to bottom the EHF is the better league. I wonder why these EHF parents have to constantly try to convince themselves of this? My son has played in tournaments with some very good E9 players. I know several E9 players right off the top of my head that would be top talents in the EHF. We decided to move to the E9 knowing full well that it’s not as good a league. Why did we move? We are moving for all the right reasons... 1) Coach 2) Skills 3) Location. I would have liked to stay in the EHF, but we live on the North Shore so not many options... IHC (coach isn’t great and skills are terrible) Top Gun (enough said)... We will probably move back at some point, but I’m looking forward to next year and his development as a hockey player. Oh and for those idiots referencing MyHockeyRankings it doesn’t include Minnkota teams... and it’s heavily influenced by the EHF.
And clearly you were not influenced by your language arts teacher in grade school. Sorry your state spelling accuracy got cut. Have fun in the Pee9.

Re: Black division vs American division

Minnkota is in reference to Minnesota and the Dakotas. Sorry you're stuck in he concrete operational stage of cognitive development

Re: Black division vs American division

Dude, I'm the 'idiot' who posted the myhockey rankings. It includes only EHF/E9/BHL for a reason.

If you look closely, you'll see BHL American teams are pretty evenly interspersed with EHF-T1 Black and White teams, that was my point. Obviously too difficult for your remedial cognitive skills.

Take a look at the BHL American Green Mountain Glades, they would play even with or beat anyone in T1-Black. No my kid does not play for them, but he has played against them. BHL American is alot better than you think. BHL National is probably worse than you think.

Those with a clue look for coach, location, and fit. See you in HS/Split/Full/Prep where no coach gives a s*** about leagues.

Re: Black division vs American division

Yes sir you are certainly an idiot. Next time don’t have your wife read the last sentence of a post to you. Now, I know it was long, but slow down and sound things out... take it one sentence at a time. Because if you were able to read it you would have noticed that I said I moved because of... the coach (read is slowly) and lo...cation. Go ahead show your wife and have her read it back to you before you respond.

Stop being an idiot dumb, dumb😂

Re: Black division vs American division

Hey Rex Tardelum... Perhaps you should read the topic header 'Black division vs American division', instead of talking about your precious decisions on the E9. E9 was not what the post was about, although we know it's all about you.