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Re: EHF Parity Flawed

Make Hockey Great Again
That makes great sense as no fun being in black just to get the **** kicked out of us by top 3-5 teams. Would make for a more competitive league.
Yep, do the same for Elite too. You think the Caps, Bandits or Huskies want to get squat hum*ed by the Eagles, Islanders and Flames all the time? Everyone wins in this scenario. Kids get more competitive games. The travel can be managed better by having a few double headers to allow for down weekends/tournaments.

You can totally eliminate the issue of Shamrocks that were in the championship in Black a month ago now will play the tenth place White team four times next year. Why have that? Instead they would only play the top 4 other teams in White.

EHF did make some adjustments this year and hopefully they will continue to adapt.