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Re: dont let actual numbers and game results stop you

Lets throw some actual recent game results and statistics from usa hockey and my hockey into this ridiculous never ending troll filled debate.... Im not going to argue what league is better, ridiculous. Ill just share some things that actually happened and some statistics from sources that are not trolls, comedians, angry parents, mid life crisis parents, and safe space needing hockey lifers. you can argue amongst yourselves. grab the we go......

1. according to my hockey and usa hockey, the top 3 leagues in order based on difficulty of opponent and records, you know actual numbers are.....1. EHF ELITE 2. E9 3.EHF TIER 1 BLACK......Note in every age group the difference between e9 and tier 1 black is miniscule. im just sharing what the numbers show....and the premier, American and national.....not anywhere near the top 3.

2. top tier 1 black team months ago played in an ehf elite tourney, went to championship game and lost.
3. one of lovells top bhl teams played 2nd placed tier 1 black same time frame, beat them, easily.
4. Manchester monarchs again, one of top 3 teams in premier played in ehf tier 1 black, 2 of the top nh players at that age group on that squad, finished 7th and got smoked in playoffs...
5. ehf number of teams elite through tier 1, increasing for this coming year, which is a joke, 3 tier 1 divisions is a money grab folks....
6. multiple teams leaving premier for this coming year.....

the whole argument is ridiculous so long as your little hockey star is playing at a competitive level, having fun, and has good coaching to help him or her improve.....

go ahead have at it......
You are an idiot. You just cherry-picked a few games just like all the others. Go back and find the thread with the actual myhockeyrankings tabulated for each league and each birth year if you really want an objective take.
you mean this one

I shouldn't have wasted my time but I did...Building on what you present, if you look at the average rating of every team in each league, using MYHockeyRankings (probably close to 2,000 games total) for the 2005 birth year, the averages break down as follows;

EHF Elite: 95.75
E9: 92.84
EHF T1 Black: 90.46
BHL American: 89.5
EHF T1 White: 87.81
PHL: 87.52
EHF T1 Silver: 85.43
BHL National: 84.23
SSC PWA: 86.4

Certainly upper teams in one league will play with lower teams in a league rated higher but there is a distinction to be made between most. All that matters is your son/daughter is being challenged at the appropriate level with good coaching and skills. For those of you wanting to bash other leagues, you're wasting your time. Note, the South Shore Conference PW As are just above Silver and BHL-National for those wanting to save some $$$.
Yes, and that's pretty consistent across each birth year squirt to bantam. A little variation at the lower levels, but consistent at the top 3 or 4 ranked leagues.

Of course, this analysis does not apply to all teams, as you say. The top of one league will overlap with the bottom of another league, and individual teams will slot in above or below their league average. But it's a heck of a lot more objective than picking a random tournament matchup at one birth year and drawing conclusions about the quality of play in multiple 10+ team leagues over the course of 6 months of play.

Re: dont let actual numbers and game results stop you

Sure I can do that, and youll find exactly what I told you at EVERY birth year. Maybe you should look again. Don't be angry. It's numbers man. Not my personal opinion.