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Re: Seacoast 04

Compared to other north of Boston U14 Full Season rosters there is no comparison Seacoast is far superior. Islanders have lost most of their good talent to Prep or U16, Avalanche have lost their coach and most top players, Warriors had no talent to begin with and nothing showed up at tryouts, and TG lost their coach and all their top players and will be Tier 1 quality but what else would you expect from that organization. The Cyclones are the only other team that has added some nice talent from the Avs and others. Can't go by last years rankings the landscape has changed.

Re: Seacoast 04

New England Wolves starting U14 program also.. Spartans will not have as much access to north Central talent as they have now going forward.

Re: Seacoast 04

wolves are in the middle of nowhere and a joke for an organization

Re: Seacoast 04

Based on the talent they have picked up, Seacoast Performance Academy will be one of the strongest U14 teams in New England. Definitely not last year’s Seascoast team. They have some elite forwards, unbelievable depth of elite D, and more training than other teams. Will be interesting to see how they progress throughout the season.