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Re: FINAL discussion about league comparisons

This topic needs to be put to bed and I hope this helps, although I know it sadly will not. Here is an analysis of the objective data compiled from MYHockeyRankings (which is the best objective data we have) from thousands of games. Statistics are always for a population analysis, not the individual - you should find the level of competition, organization, and coaching that best suits your child and his/her development. An anecdote of an individual game or tournament is meaningless when looking at the analysis in total. Of course there will be overlap between leagues with top and bottom teams. There will also be many blow hards who will argue for the sake of arguing. The ride will end sooner than you think so try to enjoy it.

I analyzed all the data for every team and every league for the birth years 2004-2008. Before the individual year's data is presented, at EVERY level the top four ranked leagues were consistent. They were EHF Elite followed by E9 followed by EHF Black followed by BHL American. At EVERY age this was the same. The largest drop off between any league of all 10 leagues analyzed was between the EHF Elite level and the E9 at the very top.

The larger number is the average rating of every team in the league at that birth year. The smaller number is the standard deviation for that league - the smaller the SD, the more competitive the league is from top to bottom. For example, the 2006 EHF T1 Black Division has a small SD (1.18) - there were 42 tie games in that league this year!

Here goes - I apologize for any formatting issues -

EHF Elite 89.46; 2.03
E9 87.62; 1.13
EHF T1B 84.32; 1.44
BHL A 82.80; 1.56
EHF T1W 82.59; 1.56
PHL Premier 80.69; 2.04
EHF T1S 79.88; 2.84
BHL N 79.60; 1.74
EMHL 77.42; 2.38
PHL Elite 76.14; 1.98

EHF Elite 95.75; 2.22
E9 92.84; 1.16
EHF T1B 90.46; 1.64
BHL A 89.50; 1.74
EHF T1W 87.81; 1.88
PHL Premier 87.52; 2.70
EHF T1S 85.43; 2.12
BHL N 84.23; 2.10
PHL Elite 83.02; 2.08
EMHL 82.86; 2.42

EHF Elite 91.37; 2.14
E9 88.55; 1.80
EHF T1B 86.55; 1.18
BHL A 84.81; 1.27
EHF T1W 84.51; 2.10
EHF T1S 81.69; 1.97
PHL Premier 80.99; 1.90
BHL N 79.85; 1.42
EMHL 79.62; 2.81
PHL Elite 73.78; 1.20

EHF Elite 94.20; 2.50
E9 91.47; 2.30
EHF T1B 88.38; 1.89
BHL A N 88.12; 1.10
EHF T1W 86.56; 1.37
BHL A S 85.72; 1.23
PHL Premier 84.32; 2.37
EHF T1S 82.01; 2.32
PHL Elite 80.40; 2.62
BHL National 80.28; 2.49
EMHL 79.94; 3.02

EHF Elite 90.24; 2.55
E9 85.68; 2.85
EHF T1B 84.08; 1.71
BHL A 81.16; 1.48
PHL Elite 80.29; 2.67
PHL Premier 80.22; 1.95
EHF T1W 79.91; 1.98
BHL N 77.75; 1.70
EHF T1S 77.41; 2.32
EMHL 76.35; 2.11

It was interesting to see so much of what is posted confirmed with data. Also, there is a clear difference between EHF Elite and the E9, more than I expected.

Here is the average of all years between 2004-2008 with average league rank of the ten leagues analyzed

Avg Rank Raw Score
EHF Elite 1; 92.21
E9 2; 89.23
EHF Black 3; 86.76
BHL American 4; 85.35
EHF White 5.4; 84.27
PHL Premier 6.4; 82.75
EHF Silver 7.4; 81.28
BHL National 8.4; 80.34
PHL Elite 8.6; 78.72
EMHL 9.6; 79.24

Holy Nerd. Dude get a life, it's youth hockey.

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Re: FINAL discussion about league comparisons

You can tell the BHL parents...attack the messenger when you don’t like the message

Re: FINAL discussion about league comparisons

Thanks for taking the time to do this. Its pretty much what anyone honest or in touch with reality already knew , but didnt want to admit.

Re: FINAL discussion about league comparisons

I think overall it makes sense - but we all know MHR is a crock too so get over it. The middle of pack EHF and AYHL teams are way overrated, and the top E9 and Fed Black teams are way under rated so the drop off after the EHF is way overblown. But I would agree the pecking order makes sense for most part. Now can we end this chatter?

Re: FINAL discussion about league comparisons

I would suggest that the high standard deviation for EHF elite indicates that there are a couple of really strong teams that skew the average ranking higher, which is probably responsible for a lot of the gap between that league and the E9. Middle of each league pretty similar, top of the leagues is where the disparity comes in.

Another observation, EHF may be stronger, but perhaps not better if you believe competitive games help develop your player. The E9 is good enough hockey, and apparently more competitive. Maybe EHF Elite should consider a parity tournament to cycle in some better teams at the bottom of the league. It would probably improve their product.