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Re: FINAL discussion about league comparisons

I think overall it makes sense - but we all know MHR is a crock too so get over it. The middle of pack EHF and AYHL teams are way overrated, and the top E9 and Fed Black teams are way under rated so the drop off after the EHF is way overblown. But I would agree the pecking order makes sense for most part. Now can we end this chatter?

Re: FINAL discussion about league comparisons

I would suggest that the high standard deviation for EHF elite indicates that there are a couple of really strong teams that skew the average ranking higher, which is probably responsible for a lot of the gap between that league and the E9. Middle of each league pretty similar, top of the leagues is where the disparity comes in.

Another observation, EHF may be stronger, but perhaps not better if you believe competitive games help develop your player. The E9 is good enough hockey, and apparently more competitive. Maybe EHF Elite should consider a parity tournament to cycle in some better teams at the bottom of the league. It would probably improve their product.