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Youth Hockey
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Said the league was crap and not the kids.
He will have a great season because he is not in The PHL


Simply put, PHL is a piece of crap. Good luck with anyone telling you otherwise. Save the money and just play town.
And you must be a Silver parent trying to justify your benders place. IF your not playing FED Elite then what ever league you play in doesnt matter. Thousands of the same kids ending their careers in High School. So get over yourself and go play some Tball with your kid.
Fed Elite is the strongest league in New England but here's a reality check for you, of the 150 plus kids playing Fed Elite at each youth level, 10 or less will be playing D-I when their time comes (yes that'll be better than the 2 to 4 coming from the E9) but even for most of the Fed Elite kids, it's over after high school.