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Kent Elite Prep AAA

What’s the deal with this program? Are they affiliated with the Kent School, or just using it as a marketing ploy. Their Rinks are in the middle of nowhere , it seems like it would be tough to fill teams that can compete on the Tier 1/AAA level.

Re: Kent Elite Prep AAA

I believe (and could be wrong) it is an affiliation to the prep program. which would make them owned and run by legacy global sport. which would put them under the same umbrella as seacoast Spartans and SHD hockey
the web site has a legacy global sports feel to it.

Re: Kent Elite Prep AAA

The only affiliation with Kent School is it's in the same town and they plan to rent ice at their rink. They don't claim any affiliation, either. In fact, it looks like they have a stronger affiliation with Kent Town Hockey than anything.

Now, that doesn't mean that IF they get this off the ground and IF your kid develops within their program he won't gain notice over a kid playing in the EHF. But, I don't think they are promising anything.

Re: Kent Elite Prep AAA

If it becomes a viable alternative to the other Organizations in Ct that’s great. I haven’t heard anything good or bad about them. Which in the youth hockey world is very rare. Will be interesting to see how they do this coming season. Hopefully they do have some success. And it doesn’t hurt to be playing out of not one but two Prep schools. And according to their website it looks like they will be having the prep coaches on ice from time to time.