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Goalie Training - Which one is best?

I'm looking at the options for goalie training near me. There's RI Hockey Academy run by the LaSalle Head Coach. Then there's Stopit in Foxboro - not sure who runs this location. The NESV had GDS training with Jamie Reagan. Which one is best and/or why do you think so?

Re: Goalie Training - Which one is best?

stopit foxboro is run by guy who used to do walpole express goalie coaching and not sure who else. M Hanson no longer there, he retired, and he was the best!

Re: Goalie Training - Which one is best?

I've tried most of them up in Mass North Shore (Bertagna, StopIt, Geragoshian, etc.), but don't know these guys in RI. Oftentimes goalie training comes with tuition, so you don't always have a choice....

In any case, I observe that they're all good in different ways. Some are old school; some are new school. Some are all about technique; some talk more about the mental side of the game. Ultimately, I favor what the kid (05) likes - whatever appeals to him and gets him more engaged in learning about the position and the game is the one for us.

Re: Goalie Training - Which one is best?

Check out Brian Eklund Mass Crease in Norwell.