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Re: Patriots & Wizards

Not taking the bate here. 06 and 09 Patriots won the E9 last year
06 Patriots won the E9.... That's Hilarious. 06 Patriots would've finished 5th (at best) in EHF. As for 09, are you kidding me? 09's still sleep with a teddy and a night light.
09s...first year Squirts now, same level as when everyone started hyperventilating about the IHC 07s. 09 Patriots was a good team but 1/3 of them (4) headed to EHF Elite, typical for a good E9 team. That's just the reality. The real problem with these two organizations, among many other problems, is that they are way too close together geographically. There is no league that should ever let two competitors exist a few miles from each other. It makes no sense on any level (other than $ for the league, of course). Although one or the other sometimes puts a good team together, neither of them will ever get any real traction.
Anyone hyperventilating about 07 or 09s should have their heads examined. Those kids aren’t even playing real hockey yet! Focus on the long game.

Re: Patriots & Wizards

I wish these organizations would stick to girls hockey. Oh wait, they basically do! Terrible to have to play either but at least we pad our stats.


Why do you care? If they aren't good, it's a few wins to help pad your stats. Let's face it, if your kid was "elite" he'd be playing in the Fed.

Re: Patriots & Wizards

Fed’s dead baby, fed’s dead.