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Re: Rich or poor

You\\\'re welcome and I did give a binary answer to devolving question. It is not a rich kids sport, it\\\'s a middle class sport with families willing to commit available resources but some people see a family making 200K a year & assume they are \\\"rich\\\" so I thought it important to add some context.

Please return to reading your \\\"graphic novel\\\" as I realize all these words are giving you a headache.
Q: Two kids, one rich, one poor. Equal skill. Which one makes it?

A: \"I know plenty of players that have come from middle income families that have done quite well in the sport.\"

Yeah, spot on. Really nailed it.

You must be a Libertarian.
I see the problem..too many words on the page for you to actually follow along with the entire thread. You read the first post and proceeded directly to bottom so you wouldn't get confused.

Understanding that, I'll recap for you. The discussion had move in a slightly different direction than the original post to a rich vs. poor. I can't put bubbles around the words like you are used to but I'm happy to add some familiar dialog in the synopsis if it helps you.

"As far hockey is concerned it is a rich kids game." POW!!
"Doesn't mean a kid from the lower/middle can never make it but it is one more obstacle to be overcome." KAZAAM!
"It's a money sport" BOOM!
"Rich kids' sport" SMACK!

Someone pointed out the JE didn't come from a rich family which I understand to be true. I also know it is true that he spent hours each summer on the ice in 1-1 and semi-private skating lessons from a relatively young age. Proving my point, that coming from a middle income family in and of itself is not a barrier to success, hence it's not a rich person's sport, but the family does have commit additional resources to their players development to maximize his/her potential. CRUNCH!

The guy's point is, rich or poor isn't a lead-in to a discussion mathematically defining middle class.

Sucks when you're the only one laughing at your own joke.

Re: Rich or poor

The gifted and intelligent athlete who bucks the boilerplate trend yet stays in the loop... Player navigating NE youth hockey on the cheap...will always be sought after. Managers and coaches are not wealthy people and very few Arron Ekblad's out there.

Re: Rich or poor

My wife and I are 43, 2 kids, 1 boy plays hockey and lax, 1 girl gymnastics and lax, we make $150K a year total and feel like the lower middle class when it comes to sports. Hockey tuition is about $6,500.00, travel, etc..another 4-5K per year, same with gymnastics. 23K for 2 sports, then lax. Son makes every team he's ever tried out for since mites, Top 40 selection in MA and was in the mix for USA Camp selection. Why do we do it you ask, I have no idea is the answer! I guess it makes the kids happy so we are happy and willing to give up vacations, house updates, new cars, etc..
I see many people confuse networking with financial status. What you don't have in cash, you have to make up with networking by doing the small things, be nice to people, ask for advice and listen, don't criticize and complain. Our financial status isn't that of most but my son has still had every opportunity to play and get recognized. To each their own I guess, but this has worked with us. Gotta run, working the skate shop today in exchange for some ice time.