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Youth Hockey
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Re: NH Avalanche

All the Lovell teams do, lived it for a couple of years. Especially when playing other Lovell owned teams. Who are you going to complain to?

Re: NH Avalanche

Avs 07 is a struggling age group.. they have new faces and doubt any players are playing w. another e9-BHL team.. move on

Re: NH Avalanche

i think they may have 1-2......just saying

Re: NH Avalanche

05 Elite has a kid that should not even be on the Select team.

Re: NH Avalanche

Youth program has been falling apart since the former director took a prep job and ignored the program completely.

Used to be a decent NH option but is not even close anymore. Sad because they put some very good teams out there over the years

Re: NH Avalanche

Old program director cared only about his kids. You are a fool if you think otherwise.