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Re: So what teams are not going to Join USPHL next year

In a few years you\\\'re going to be wishing your kid was good enough to play USPHL instead of that crappy MIAA team.
My kids already locked down Prep School. One repeat year at Jr prep and then prep. But I’m sure you’ll be happy playing MIAA DIII.
Guy, the other poster doesn't know who you are and isn't personally attacking you. But I'm glad your kid is on the right track and that you got to share that with us. Does he board? What youth program did he play in? Any tournaments this summer? Please tell me more my anonymous friend.
I took it as his kid is just starting Prep. Which means, he thinks the world is his kid's oyster.

What he doesn't realize is that the talent is concentrated at about a dozen schools, and the rest aren't scouted, so he's paying whatever he's paying for HS hockey.

Or, his kid is at one of those dozen schools and has a Varsity spot "locked down" - as one of the 27 rostered players, with only 11 of those getting serious minutes. The rest of the "Varsity" players will get 2 - 3 shifts a game. For four years. Or he'll be replaced by the next hot shot 14 year old with a fresh (but meaningless) D-I commit.

Or, he failed to "lock down" a guaranteed Varsity spot at one of those dozen schools, meaning the kid will be playing JV or Thirds. About three minutes into the first game he is going to realize Prep JV is where former "Elite" youth hockey players careers go to die.

Suddenly, FS Midgets looks like the better development option for the majority of HS players. Including Prep.