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Re: What is really happening with USPHL/EHF

The current Elite EHF/E-9 split creates too many watered down teams. There should be an Elite north/south league with 6 teams from the Boston area and 6 from NY/NJ area (don\\\'t really care what you call it). Play within your respective division most weekends. One weekend per month you are either traveling or hosting a super series type weekend and only playing games against the other division. Everyone starts fresh with no player transfer rules in year 1. After that player transfer rules should be somewhat limiting but not as restrictive as it is now. This should be for Squirt ages and older.

The mite level should strictly be cross-ice in year 1 with no travel to the other division. Second year mite should still be mostly cross-ice with a few weekend tournaments to introduce them to full-ice. This is better for development. No one benefits from seeing the little benders skate end to end with little resistance.

God willing the owners from the top EHF/E-9/AYHL organizations will get together to figure this out.
It\'ll NEVER happen because it makes too much sense.
Actually, my prediction is that is very close to what will happen. Fed honchos realize they are losing the battle nationally by playing half their games against crap teams. So, they are looking for those teams to drop out so they can assemble a better super-regional product that parents are willing to pay a premium price for to replace the lost revenue from the crap teams.

I'm sure they want the BJE to stay, both based on reputation and location. But, egos got bruised, so if they go to the E9AYHL as someone is spreading, the actual PLAYERS will leave and go to wherever the strongest hockey is.

There's a reason helmet decals peel off and shells were invented.
Speculation or is this based on facts? And will BJE will be in the new super regional league or stay in the USPHL/EHF?

Re: What is really happening with USPHL/EHF

E9 league applications....that seems like fact