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Re: EHF and morning dump

Let me put it in real terms from a few years ago, when the Fed was actually good.

1. As a Squirt major, needed to get my kid to Fed or his career was doomed
2. Fed tattoo on my lower back. Weird, yes I know. Why I don’t drink tequila at tourney’s anymore
3. 5 years in Fed, ok development but greedy owners and lots of idiot parents
4. My super hero then goes full season big boy hockey, plays lots of true elite teams/players not stuck in Boston area bubble
5. Boy really learns to skate and play team game, lucky enough to play with some great kids and REAL coaches not hung up on org or league names
6. Kid and I self reflect, realize he is very average compared to LC, HB, BT, CM, OJR and so on (if trying to figure out teams you have a ways to go learning hockey Fed daddy)
7. Just played with past NEHL, Fed, HNE, Town, and other locals and bunch of other kids from all over country, floating between USHL/NAHL
8. Low end D1, high end D3 kid. Not one scout asked about youth, only Midgets scout made comment that Fed is a hyped up, overrated burnout factory
9. I drop my kid at his D3 college next weekend where he is getting a nice FA package to play hockey at a school he wouldn’t have gotten into without hockey

No one from his Fed team went D1. 1/2 out of hockey completely after HS/Prep. 2 others going Lowe end D3 after stints in EHL, USPHL and NAHL. Remaining kids still trying to play college by playing Tier 3 local Jrs will no real chance as they age out after this year. Their daddy’s still wearing the same Fed sweatshirts and hats from 7 years ago...

Re-read numbers 4-9 above....
They have Fed sweatshirts? Where can I get one!?!?!?