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Re: Non Daddy coach salary

My question is how much do these orgs pay someone to coach youth hockey? If you really care and put the time and effort in it is a big commitment. Laying out practice and being there with passion every week. Then traveling to the games sometimes an hour away. Gas alone is approximately \$2,000 per season. I am not accusing someone of having pedofeliac tendencies. But isn\'t it weird that some of these young guys who should be out partying and enjoying life are wanting to spend all there time with a group of young boys? I understand totally if you are trying to start a business or run a business of skills, camps and hopefully owning your own org but man it is weird. So my question is how much could they possibly get paid. I know our Daddy coach does not pay tuition and that is the going rate. So \$3,200 for all that work and time ?? Doesn\'t seem right.
CT tier 1 they can make up to 20k a team, and then if you coach 2 teams thats 40k, and now you also have an in on private lessons which can be over 100 an hour. The coaches are full time coaches here.
You keep smoking that stuff dreaming of making 20k for teaching the second level of today's hockey player and I will keep watching the news talk about MassBay Chiefs owner indicted for rape of a 13 year old and Islanders 08 tier 1 coach indicted for rape. Not the programs fault these predators can and do hide everywhere. People keep your eyes wide open in this world.