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Youth Hockey
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Re: Youth Hockey Has Jumped the Shark Pit

To each their own I say. Besides as a physical therapist I appreciate all of the afternoon business I get from players with overuse injuries: hips for hockey, elbow & shoulder for baseball and believe it or not, backs from soccer. 10 years ago my afternoons were slow, now I'm usually juggling multiple clients during those slots, all between 14-17 years old.
That's because they aren't doing the right things off ice. Parents don't understand that hockey training doesn't only involve having skates on. Kids don't want to do the work, they want instant gratification.

True for any sport. You have to do exercises that balance out the stresses of the sport.

Re: Youth Hockey Has Jumped the Shark Pit

Much better odds for the 08's to have a career in hockey. They are stacked!!!
Best Junior Bruins team EVER!!!!!! :joy: