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Re: RI Saints cheat again!!

you didn't read or comprehend what I wrote. What if the player played E9 AND another team in another league such as the EHF. Regarding 'playing down', if he was playing E9 and then also a team for EHF - he would be playing up not down

Re: RI Saints cheat again!!

E9 elite players cannot play down! American players cannot play down in National as well. R.I. Saints are the biggest sbag org in New England!! And there’s a few close at 2nd!!
Shame on the BHL for breaking their own rostering policy rules! A buck is a buck I guess!! Long live Dbag youth hockey leagues
PU, PU, PU......Relax. You son or daughter is playing in BHL National. Enjoy the ride. Don't take it too seriously.

And if your son/daughter's team loses, it is not a reflection on your masculinity. Just take a deep breath and let it go.