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Re: Winning

Bantam Minor or latest U14 and beyond should be about learning to win and winning. This means the coach recruits and brings in the right players for the right level, teaches the right type of hockey and system for the level and they win. If you’re not above 500 you’re in a bad situation. Now I’m sure losing coaches will protest that statement however it’s their job to fully staff a team and get them to perform. If you have a coach that makes non stop excuses and blames the players, leaguebor too strong of competition for everything, leave.

For some reason some coaches these days think it’s their job to just stand behind the bench and roll out the lines and scream.

Like the ref situation its the same for coaches. With so many teams out there finding a good coach is very difficult these days. All daddy at youth level and a lot of wanna be hockey guys in midget and juniors. Prep has the best ones....

Re: Winning

All I’ve heard over the years is “it’s all about development”. At what point does this translate to actual winning. After all, remove all the PC blah blah, isn’t that one of the top reasons a competitive kid plays competitive sports?

He’s getting better each year but so is the competition. When does a program and coach become accountable for doing the necessary things required to win, and if they never win, are they really developing?

The kids will always play to win, and they will always care about winning and losing regardless of which level they play at. That is what attracts the competitive kids to sport.

I think when people say "don't focus on winning" they are talking more about parents taking their kid out of a good situation to chase wins, or coaches shorting the bench, or parents making fools of themselves yelling at referees. Of course winning should be the focus...of the players! The parents should be more focused on finding the right coaching and team situation that will allow their son to develop their skills so that they are able to continue competing. You'll find as they get older that the level of play jumps up significantly from year to year, it is easy to be left behind if you make the wrong decisions for the development of your player.