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Re: 06 BA throttles BJE

Wow 6-1??Eagles elite missing guys or just completely overrated?Taking nothing away from advantage as they are obviously very good but 6-1 is a thrashing
Really? Games like this happen with young kids.....BJE beat BA three days prior. Obviously, it's two teams that are relatively even. I think this tournament was solid evidence that the E9 is very comparable to the EHF at the 2006 level, but let's not overreact in the other direction, it's foolish.
Wait till hitting starts!

Re: 06 BA throttles BJE

Thanks KP.....:relieved: :relieved:

Re: 06 BA throttles BJE

Wow and Spartans won pool B. Big for the 9

Re: 06 BA throttles BJE

Perhaps BJE was missing their top players, away for the holidays?

Re: 06 BA throttles BJE

Nope all players were present - good try

Re: 06 BA throttles BJE

Long Island Royals - 4
BA - 1

Long Island Royals 1

Everyone was present for BA....Nice try....See what I did there....:laughing: :joy: