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Youth Hockey
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Re: E9 vs EHF spring series

Shouldn't the kids play baseball in the spring when the ice melts? I thought studies show kids shouldn't focus on one sport all year round. Haven't we learned?

Re: E9 vs EHF spring series

But little johnny bender will fall behind. He needs 30-40 more games over the spring/summer.

Re: E9 vs EHF spring series

Should just be a Bantam minor spring series tournament. It is the last year for most of those teams staying together and it would be a good build up for all those years of trash talking. Teams jockying for position to win the spring series to see who really is the best of the best in the area. I like the idea.

Re: E9 vs EHF spring series

E9 would get beat every game. Would not be fun for them.