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Re: Teams leaving the FED

The Fed has become a Tier 2 and 3 money making machine.
yup ... silver division is a great success ... triple the teams the first year ... $$$$$

Re: Teams leaving the FED

Please drop the Bandits/Breakers/PHC and add the Advantage.

Finally true Elite Hockey.

Re: Teams leaving the FED

John Connor
The fed is out there, it can\'t be bargained with, it can\'t be reasoned with, it doesn\'t feel pity or remorse or fear, and it absolutely will not stop...EVER, until it owns every hockey league!
Is that you Col Jessup? You always quote lines from movies. A Few Good Men, now Terminator ( original, best one evah in series ). You can't fool me. PS: I'm Francis and I've lightened up.

Re: Teams leaving the FED

How many teams are leaving the league? Rumor has it 2 NorthShore and 2 Southshore so far. Bandits/Breakers and Vipers/Shamrocks.
The Vipers have nowhere to go but the PHL. They left a large unpaid debt when they ran with what are now the E9/BHL teams. Those teams will never allow them back into the club. As for the Bandits, good they should leave. They are are viewed as the youth club of choice for the no-hopers and recent cuts. They have damaged their brand by allowing themselves to become the doormat club of the EHF.

Re: Teams leaving the FED

OK, suppose it to be true, where would these clubs go?

Re: Teams leaving the FED

I'm sure the FED isn't losing any sleep that these teams are leaving. In fact, I would be willing to bet the FED might have told them to leave...

Re: Teams leaving the FED

The Jr Mounties will be playing out of Adelard and you can bet that some kids will be running away from the PHC for this program. They will be playing in the PHL or BHL.