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Re: Valley Jr. Warriors girls program??

E9 officially announced there girls league today. Starting with 6 teams at the U10,12,14,16 and 19 levels.
Boston Advantage, Valley warriors,Seacoast Spartans ,Lovell knights ,Middlesex Icemen and Boston Americans.

Re: Valley Jr. Warriors girls program??

Joke league with joke programs. Think they’ll advertise that they aren’t eligible for nationals for 3 years? You’ll probably see that “6” shrink by one or two by the time the spring roles around.

Re: Valley Jr. Warriors girls program??

Boston Advantage also has u10/12 this year. Going to full girls program next year. They cannot get in the NEGHL due to location. Will see a girls e9 League prob within a few years. I think the spartans have a full program and the Patriots as well..
Just an FYI, Patriots boys & girls programs are 100% separate and have nothing to do with each other. Even if E9 starts a girls league, I don't see CG leaving the NEGHL, especially since he's on the board.

Re: Valley Jr. Warriors girls program??

I was mistaken meant to say the americans. They are a newer program with girls teams.