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Re: Can the refs get any worse at Exeter/ Seacoast?

I don’t find the refs at Exeter any worse or better than anywhere else. I fully agree with the statement ‘if you don’t like it then Get out there yourself’. If the refs stink that’s fine so long as they stink in both directions. Our kids had a game in Springfield this year where the refs were joking with the home team kids and the game ended with the refs calling 8 penalties on our kids to 2 on theirs. Maybe that’s an outlier. But when that happens it’s tough to stay quiet. I expect only one thing from the refs at my child’s level. He is a mite. Keep the game safe and the physical to a minimum or at least reasonable level. We have now seen games get so physical and chippy they have devolved into actual fist fights 4 times. That is terrible refereeing and yes I did yell at the refs with very poor language in those cases. But I don’t skate well enough to be a ref and a blown offsides call isn’t going to turn the game. Just a side 1 of the 4 games that kids started fights was at Exeter.

Re: Can the refs get any worse at Exeter/ Seacoast?

You don't skate well enough to ref a mite game?