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Re: Hockey Helmet Safety Rankings

A helmet will never prevent a concussion. Concussions are a physiological response to trauma when the brain impacts the skull due to impact or rapid deceleration of the head. Helmets are better suited for protecting the skull from fracture due to direct trauma. A manufacturer's claim is more a marketing bullet point than science
That is 100% false. A helmet can't prevent all concussions, particularly rotational movement. But, it can prevent some, especially translational (back/front) movement.

Helmets also dissipate the force created by impact over a larger area and provide for deceleration, meaning the head takes longer to slow down following impact, so the movement is less abrupt and the brian moves less.

And, the foam absorbs energy created by the hit, which is why you should replace a helmet after a significant impact, and never buy a used helmet since you don't know its history.

Now, go give Kyrie a call and chat about how the earth is flat.

Re: Hockey Helmet Safety Rankings

The "A helmet will never prevent a concussion" guy always posts on this topic and there is substantial evidence this guy has been wrong forever. Maybe he is a Bauer 4500 'concussion bucket' wearer for years.