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2008 Unofficial New England D'Board rankings 1.23.19 (Look who's back...back again)

Ok...this is getting to be a bit of a grind week after week. I've started to admit that I've hit a sad new low in my life when it comes to writing a weekly review of 08 hockey. However, I do it for the people. Maybe not the Wizards guy who complains about a last place E9 time. Maybe not the Hill hockey people who think the Energy are an actual team, but I do it for all of you who enjoy reading for a few minutes while you're on the $hitter at work.

With that...let's get to the rankings.

1- Mid-Fairfield Jr. Rangers (+1). Two weeks after losing their top spot in the NE Rankings, the Rangers made a statement and jumped back to the top of our rankings The Jr Rangers travelled out to Buffalo, went undefeated in all 7 games and came away hosting the Cup. The big NE matchup over the weekend was the Championship showdown between the Jr. Eagles and the Rangers. This final game turned into a one-sided affair, as the Jr. Rangers provided a beating to the Eagles, 8-1. The Rangers take this weekend off before heading to the North Shore of Mass to play two against the Islanders.

2- Boston Jr Eagles (-1)– Ouch…that hurt. While the Eagles had an impressive showing over in Buffalo (going 6-1), their Sunday debacle must have made a long ride back to Boston. While the Eagles had impressive wins over the Gulls and Penguins elite, they came up short in the Championship game, as they lost 8-1 to the Rangers. Boys get back to it this weekend as they face off against the Terriers and the Flames.

3-Minuteman Flames. Based on what I can see, pretty quiet past weekend for the Flames, as they did not attend Buffalo or any other local tournaments. The Flames are back to Fed action as they play a big Sunday game against the Eagles.

4- Top Gun. Top Gun packed up their team and headed to Buffalo to face some competition from Canada over at the Cup Series. The team from Salem ended up going 3-1 and did not qualify for Sunday play, as they dropped the 3rd game of the tournament to the Barre Colts. Top Gun has an important stretch coming up in Fed play, as they drive down to Providence on Saturday before an important face off in Salem against the South Shore Kings. Important four points are on the line which can help secure them in that 4th spot!

5- Islanders Hockey Club. Another fed team that I did not find in action over the past weekend. Islanders are fighting for that 5th spot in the fed and have some games to make up. They will play one on Sunday as they face off against the Jr. Terriers.

6- South Shore Kings. Starting to sound like a broken record, but another disappointing weekend for this Kings Team. The Kings made their way to Buffalo and ultimately fell short, as they left Western New York with a 2-2 record. Kings have one this weekend, as they have an extremely important game up in Salem against Top Gun. Win and they control their destiny for that 4th spot. Lose and they find themselves (possibly) 7 points back of Top Gun. Good luck boys!

7. Boston Baked Beans….I mean…”Advantage”.  Don’t worry BA parents, it’s just a joke. My honest take on it…who really cares? There has been a lot of discussion on this board about scores being entered under Advantage, at the end of the day…who cares? Baked Beans played up at the “Cup Series” and came away with a 2-2 record. The surprising loss of their four games was the 6-2 defeat to the hands of the Jr. Sabres (ranked 16th in the MHR’s). Advantage gets back to it this weekend as they face off against the Wizards before a big show down in Hingham against Seacoast.

8. Boston Bandits. (+1). I moved the Bandits up this this week, pretty much to the fact that I flat out think they can beat Seacoast. Not much to report over the past weekend for the Bandits, but they do get back to Fed Action on Saturday against the Bandits down in Rockland.

9.Seacoast Spartans (-1). The Spartans headed to Detroit to take part in the Nations Cup. They ended up going 3-2 as they played some better competition from Canada and also played the Chicago Fury. Seacoast gets back to E9 play as they host the Americans and then head down to Hingham to face off against the first place Advantage.

10. Ct. Jr. Huskies . Not much going on with the Huskies over the past weekend and they also do have a weekend off from Fed play. I do show a game against the Monarchs on Friday, so I assume they are in some type of tournament. Huskies hold a “slight” lead on that 8th spot in the fed, and will get back to action the weekend of Feb 2nd.

11. Providence Hockey Club(+1). PHC spent their past weekend playing down in the Kennedy Cup down in Providence. While PHC had an impressive weekend, going 5-1, they ultimately fell short in the Championship game to the New Jersey Rockets. PHC has one this weekend as they host Top Gun. Do or Die time for this team, if they have any hopes of making the playoffs they need to get some wins going.

12. Bay State Breakers. (-1). Like the team in front of them on our standings, the Breakers took part in the Kennedy tournament and came away with a 3-1-2 record (ended up good for 3rd place). Breakers have one this upcoming weekend as they face off with the Bandits. They trail CT for the last and final playoff spot in the Fed, need those points!

13. Boston Jr. Terriers Elite (-2) Terriers were another team involved in the Kennedy, and had a disappointing weekend as they ultimately went 2-3. I hate to be hard on this team, but you literally gave Mid-Fairfield a run for their money two weeks ago, how do you come up short in a Tier 1 type tournament? Regardless, Terriers have a tough weekend in front of them as they face off against the Jr. Eagles and then the Islanders.

14.. Boston Jr. Terriers Tier 1 Black. The Jr Terriers took their chances against Elite level teams in the Kennedy and came out with a 2-2-1 record. I realize that these tournaments depend a lot on your bracket, but they did a nice job coming out with a respectable record. Terriers get back to work in Fed Tier 1 action this weekend as they face off against PHC South and the Minuteman Flames Tier 1 group.

15. Minuteman Flames Tier 1 team black. I believe the Flames were out of action over the past weekend. They get back to it as they play worst to first. Saturday showdown with Top Gun before a matchup with the first place Terriers.

16. PHC Tier 1 South. Like the Flames, not much going on with PCH South last weekend. PHC has two on tap this weekend, one against the Terriers and one against the Manchester Flames.

17. Assabet Valley Patriots . Dissapointing past weekend for the Patriots, as they went 2-2 down at the Kennedy Tournament. The Patriots, who normally are able to score a good amount of goals, only put together six goals the entire weekend! Patriots better find that offensive firepower as they have two E9 games this weekend, one against the Warriors and one against the Americans.

18. Islanders Hockey Club East. A quite past weekend for the Tier 1 Islander Group. They get back to it this weekend with games against Top Gun and the Jr. Eagles Tier 1 team.

19. Valley Jr Warriors Elite (+1) – There has been a lot talked about this Warriors Team on the Dboard (some good..some bad), but they had an impressive weekend down at the Kennedy Tournament where they went 3-2-1, nice job boys! Warriors have two on tap this weekend against the Patriots and Wizards.

20. Boston Americans (-1) –I’m not showing anything for the Americans over the past weekend. Two on the board for this week as they face off against Seacoast and the Patriots

Re: 2008 Unofficial New England D'Board rankings 1.23.19 (Look who's back...back again)

Thank you for doing this.. maybe sad to say and yes maybe I need to get a life, but I do enjoy reading this every week.

Re: 2008 Unofficial New England D'Board rankings 1.23.19 (Look who's back...back again)

As always, well done.

Re: 2008 Unofficial New England D'Board rankings 1.23.19 (Look who's back...back again)

Well done